Tuesday, 10 January 2017

How to make pillows according to your preferences and comfort

Ok somebody on Quora asked me how to make your own pillows: So I though I might get some mileage out of it ;)
  • Take a sturdy cloth (cotton or tericot) of around 1–1.5 m length and 0.5–0.7 m width (can be other way around or choose your size), usually white color is chosen by companies, I just use whatever is handy. 
  • Sew (by hand or machine) in three sides (double line), thread color of your choice as nobody is seeing this part of your pillow unless you do not use pillow covers :D
  • Put in material of your choice (I like sponge cut in cubes for extra fluff, My mother likes more sturdy cotton layers or cloth layer for firmness) till your preferred height and fill is achieved (leave 1 inch space at the open end). For trials, use a few safety pins to temporarily close the fourth side and check (try laying down on it etc.).
  • When filling is satisfactory, close the forth side with double lines of sewing as above.
  • put on your choice of pillow covers, and you are set for that comfortable sleep or cuddle.  

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