Tuesday, 15 May 2012

I  am not talking about "My Feelings" ..
I am talking about what my Religion asks me to do.
It is in our Religion to offer Prayers when someone dies for "Aatma Shaanti" .. Not just once, A Lot of them.. Since we are Brahmins, there are many more Rituals.
your religion does not ask you to pay a pandit..... it asks you to do certain rituals which can be done by you.... if you want to be very correct a book describing the rituals can be used..... a pandit is only a knowledgeable guide, and he should only assist, his dakshina only is a payment for that..... God will never ask payment from you..... why would god need money??? so when next time a pandit asks to put some money somewhere during a pooja tell him that I will pay you for the whole thing and your time but I will not do God the insult of offering money......

Are you not aware of the concept of giving Food and Dakshina to Pandit on Shraad..?
Are you suggesting that a common man can understand each and very Ritual that needs to be followed..? With his busy Schedule..?
I know and that is what I said.... think about it.... Food and Dakshina is given as daan in behalf of the departed..... I am not saying that is wrong.... but I am saying not to offer money in all the swahas and stuff like you were describing the Pandit in Haridwar made you to do.....

And none of the people are talking about sharddh here but even for that..... if the exact book is available and it is.... it mostly a matter of reading a 20 page book twice.... one to find which stuff are required and gathering them..... and second while the ceremony for the mantras.... some of the parts can not be done if you are not a brahmin and dont have yagyopawit but other than that and the daan brahmins are not required...... and believe me..... mantras spoken by a relative with love in heart are much better than a impartial paid pandit.....

My fathers friend and collegue acted as the Pandit for us During my fathers vatasarik, as he is a brahmin and he did NOT make all those put one rupees here and two rupee there gestures... and he explained that professional pandits act like that to make more money and that has nothing to do with the ritual.....

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