Tuesday, 15 May 2012

One question that bothers me- 
People visit to holy places for betterment. To get wealth, property, happiness etc.
But, we read in Newspapers daily that Car/Bus going to/coming from Tirupati, Shirdi etc places had an accident and people died. How can people who just prayed and visited died. 
How can people die in temples because of stampede? In Maharashtra, around 400 people died at a place called Mandhardevi some 3 years ago.
You know what is the definition of a temple?? a holy place where people have worshiped before, where you feel God is close.... but what we are doing nowadays is something reverse... Temples are where you go to show look I can go there and you couldn't..... Temples should not be gone to like that..... 
and stampedes occur because people run... go to temple go with the flow..... why run because you are going to be harmed?? and to have killed people running from something??? that is even worse..... (coming from a Banarasi Panda...)
and for the people who died... I think there is a description of Rebirth for apghat Mrytus somewhere.... if I remember will tell you..... as far as I remember it says that where/if you will be born depends on what you were thinking when you died..... not how you died..... 

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