Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Whether God live in Temple/Mosque/Church?
If yes, then Go to any Hindu religious place like Mathura, Kashi, Tirupati etc. where Pujari and other management and surrounding people are only target - how to loot this devotee?
In Tirupati, you are pushed in temple to go fast, but if you give Rs. 50/100 to the attender, he will keep you in side for couple of minutes. Muslims are not far behind, go to Ajmer Dargah, you will find how everyone one want to loot you.
Some places may be exception to this.
When God can't correct his surrounding people, why others visit there?
Surrounding people??? of God!!!..... if God is everywhere there is no specific people who Surround God....

On the topic of temples, and people charging/looting for a visit..... all depends who is willing to pay..... and who there as a tourist... and who came to see/feel god..... I feel all temples /places of God which are overcrowded now as people can afford to visit them are the worst...... they are thinking visiting famous temples/holy places is only a matter of money and status!!! they shouldn't come!!! I believe that is the same thing somebody wrote about govt sponsored Hazz......

In Kashi (Hometown example again!!!) When people come there are always two ways to get darshn in Viswanath Temple... the same as you described..... and I have found the people who pay are the people who want to show that they can.... otherwise it is considered paying to dodge the line as sacrilege and so is pushing people in a line to hurry up!!! dont come to visit Shiva if you are in a tight schedule....Bhola Baba does not have a watch to his name.....

..... a person who sells Religious stuff in that area and quite a good panda Himself once told me that one sphatik mala for jap costs about 100 Rs.... the real deal too... but the people who come from far and wide will feel cheated if he quotes less than 500! they will walk off if he says its the real price! and I have seen this happen in my own eyes too..... so do these people come so far to get cheated???

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