Tuesday, 15 May 2012

well u see..i am a sikh...i dont much about hindu mythology...i am just trying reason wid u on human nature as u have put up this question..i have watched ramayan and mahabharat as a child...i used to like watching it..this was my opinion on that episode..!!

now about this question..my thinking is if i m correct..in those days i think girls didnt had much say in concieving or not...u see those were the periodic times and as all of us know ladies(even if shes a princess) didnt used to get that much respect as they would have deserved in those times...now u have to admit male egos were bigger than anything (in those days) and ego of a king was much much bigger, bigger than the whole state..!!

if kans can put his own biological father in dungeon just for the throne n power..well i think killing his nephews to save his own life wouldnt have been a much of a problem for him..and secondly he wanted her sister to give birth to the child so that he can kill him..his male ego was at stake that a kid will kill amighty king...it was more about satisfying his ego then conquering death..!!
Actually if you read the books the Ramayan and Mahabharat, they feel like a description of the current times......for example: some women are powerful...... others are not........ as in this case, you see that Yashoda is very powerful..... even without having many children etc.... but Devaki is weak and helpless.......... may be due to having a bully as brother...... also her husband is a good for nothing (in my view).......... I bet there are these characters in our societies now.... in your surroundings you can easily find these characters right now!!!

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